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 Lara, Nikki and Shilos

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Lara, Nikki and Shilos Empty
PostSubject: Lara, Nikki and Shilos   Lara, Nikki and Shilos Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 11:31 pm

name: Lara
age: 15
color: White with black paws. Gold eyes.
clothing/accessorys: Hot pink shoes, with a pink ribbons in her ears.
likes: Daylight
dislikes: Stuck-ups
species: Dog
siblings: Nikki, Shilos
weapon/extreme gear: A bone that she uses to throw at opponents to knock them out


name: Nikki
age: 15
color: Black with White paws. Gold eyes.
clothing/accessorys: Sky blue shoes, with a sky blue ribbons in her ears.
likes: Night
dislikes: Cats
species: Dog
siblings: Lara, Shilos
weapon/extreme gear: Grenades


name: Shilos
age: 15
color: Red with white paws (front left paw is red), white ears and a white tail tip. Sky blue eyes.
clothing/accessorys: A black choker with a crystal love heart charm connected to it hanging around her neck. Blue shoes, and a blue ribbon on her tail.
likes: Anything electric
dislikes: Water
species: Wolf
siblings: Nikki, Lara
weapon/extreme gear: Taser
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Lara, Nikki and Shilos
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