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 project, espion, niche, PJ, jack, midnight, angel, sony, byte *updated*

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PostSubject: project, espion, niche, PJ, jack, midnight, angel, sony, byte *updated*   Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:16 am

name: project
age: unknown
color: like shadow only yellow instead of red
clothing/accessorys: brown shoes
likes: his kids
dislikes: badguys
species: hedgehog
siblings: shadow, blast the hedgecat
weapon/extreme gear: super forms/air blade (yacht type)

name: espion
age: 34
color: purply blue
clothing/accessories: blue shoes
likes: cars
dislikes: his brothers
species: hedgeleon(hedgehogXchameleon)
siblings: niche(older) and PJ(younger)
weapon/extreme gear: guitar gun/Purple Ninja (boot type)
married to: honey the cat
children: un-named son

name: niche
age: 35
color: dark blue
clothing/accessories: grey shoes
likes: loud music
dislikes: techno, fangirls
species: hedgeleon
siblings: espion and PJ
weapon/extreme gear: microphone mace/heavy idol (wheel type)
married to: betty the hedgehog
children: silver the hedgehog, un-named daughter

name: PJ(project junior)
age: 32
color: blue
clothing/accessories: wrist bands with spikes, black boots
likes: heavy metal
dislikes: nothing
species: hedgeleon
siblings: niche and espion
weapon/extreme gear: drumstick daggers/vigilante (bike type)

name: jack
age: 45
color: black
clothing/accessories: green goggles and red shoes
likes: women
dislikes: competition
species: hawk
siblings: jet(older)
weapon/extreme gear: none/black hawk (air type)

name: midnight
age: 525
color: black
clothing/accessories: black bikie gear, black boots
likes: motorbikes
dislikes: jack
species: demon cat
siblings: none
weapon/extreme gear: scimitar/black harley (bike type)
name: angel
age: 47
color: brown
clothing/accessories: brown hoodie and blue jeans, brown sneakers
likes: doggy treats
dislikes: cats other than midnight
species: dog
siblings: none
weapon/extreme gear: laser gun/brown wolf (board type)
name: sony
age: 47
color: dark blue
clothing/accessories: green shoes
likes: women
dislikes: competition
species: hedgehog
siblings: none
weapon/extreme gear: none/blue blur (board type)
name: byte
age: 33
color: very light blue
clothing/accessories: black shoes
likes: loud music
dislikes: GBAs
species: hedgehog
siblings: none
weapon/extreme gear: keyboard axe/blue blur mark II (board type)

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project, espion, niche, PJ, jack, midnight, angel, sony, byte *updated*
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