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 Blossom The Lovebird

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PostSubject: Blossom The Lovebird   Blossom The Lovebird Icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 3:44 am

Name: Blossom
Age: 15
Appearence: Her head is pink and the rest of her body is yellow. Like all lovebirds her beak is red, but her eyes are blue. She wears a pink scarf around her neck.
Height: 6 foot
Gender: Female
Species: Lovebird
Place of Birth: ?

Abilities: She can fly. And give bitchslaps to guys who flirt with her xD

Personality: She has a bad temper when others anger her, or flirt with her. Other times she can be as sweet as pie.
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Blossom The Lovebird
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