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 hails, huckles and honic

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hails, huckles and honic Empty
PostSubject: hails, huckles and honic   hails, huckles and honic Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 3:34 am

names: hails/huckles/honic
ages: 28/32/34
color: grey/grey/grey
clothing: hails wears a denim jacket with a white shirt underneath, he also wears denim jeans/huckles weras a bikie jacket with a muscle top underneath, he wears acid wash jeans/honic wears an undone straight jacket with jeans
likes: mechanics and robots/torture devices and destruction/chili dogs
dislikes: being called crazy/being called huckleberry/huckles
species: fox/echidna/hedgehog
siblings: tails(evil twin)/knuckles(evil twin)/sonic(me: insane twin. honic: AM NOT MEANY!)
weapons: his army/TOOLS OF TORTURE!/spinning attacks
hails' appearance: hails, huckles and honic Hailsbattlecutscene
huckles' appearance: hails, huckles and honic Hucklesbattlecutscene
honic's appearance: hails, huckles and honic Honicbattlecutscene

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hails, huckles and honic
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